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IT Support services


As part of our system maintenance, we provide bespoke IT support solution tailored for the requirement of daily business flow of our partners. Whatever your company’s needs and requirements, our main mission is to ensure efficient and comprehensive support, that helps Your company to focus on daily workflow, resulting in increased productivity.

How can we deliver?


We offer 24/7 onsite and remote support for your company by resolving problems, answering technical questions and taking care of the IT background on both technical and engineer level. Our experienced technicians will aid you with the following services:

• immediate first line helpdesk support – to give you instant feedback for any emerging technical problems

• proactive maintenance service - to ensure your daily workflow is always aided with rock solid IT background, and get problems solved even before appearing

• remote technical support – to provide service regardless of office location at a reduced cost

• hardware / software deployment – to provide your company the latest technical achievements(developments) ensuring productivity advantage over your competitors


- flawless business flow

- increased productivity

- no need to maintain internal IT support technicians

- cost effective solution

- up to date IT background

- business critical data protection

- efficient information flow


We provide comprehensive reports of our IT support activity, that is accessible to you anytime, giving you the guarantee that our job can be monitored extensively, and minimizing hidden costs. This enables you to control our support and plan ahead with the monthly budget.

Quality that meets the highest standards

The quality of our IT support can be measured easily by the required time of problem solving, tracking the step by step actions provided by our technicians from right at the beginning until the resolution of the problems. It is essential for us to supply a detailed report of our daily activity, to ensure our partners receive a comprehensive overview about our support, guaranteeing that no hidden costs / unexpected fees will surprise you. Our transparent Service Level Agreement covers all the details of our activity, aligned with the requirements of our clients, that ensures successful cooperation and satisfaction with our service. Regardless of response time in the SLA, we always focus on minimizing response time, 90% of the cases we are able to provide immediate support. This way we can ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service, and recommends us to choose as an IT support company. If you’re interested in our services, please give us a try. we will provide you the opportunity with a free trial to prove we will meet your needs.


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