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IT Outsource


What can you expect from outsourcing IT?

High-skilled professional engineers and technicians, who are backed by a specialized company with several knowledgeable colleague, those who keep up to date the relevant professional computer topics. In short, the customer can enjoy a wide range of expertise and perspective to judge the support team, who are well established on the basis of work IT operational solutions. The advantage is that these standards result in a substantially more stable systems. In many cases, reduce the costs of development investments.



It costs more transparent and better to plan:

•The IT outsourcing contracts are usually settled monthly fee. In addition to the monthly fee could increase only with projects or services not fixed in the contract.
•HR and Finance Division also deals with certain burdens. The holiday period, fluctuations and illnesses do not cause any more problems in the life of the it Department.

In short, we offer IT outsourcing service to companies who are:IT-outsourcing

•Want to improve the quality and level of IT departments or service.
•Want to have a transparent plan of the IT operations cost as well as their financial processes.
•Do not want to own IT Department to maintain its business instead want to focus more on their business processes.
•Because of their size or their activity is only very slowly able to carry out the necessary improvements or even to introduce new services.
•Looking for a complex solution of IT system operation, development and the necessary tools and services for deliveries of those.

Our company has gained a lot of practical experience over the years in the IT outsourcing market as a service provider. Therefore, we would like some helpful addition of perception to help all decision maker who just think in IT outsourcing, or even already in the process of outsourcing IT department. If you want to outsource IT system by us, you can always get personalized solutions, be it any type of IT outsourcing.

What type of, or in what areas able to outsource within the IT section?

Any area can be outsourced.

•the activities of the different levels (First, Second, Third level support) of support groups
•hardware repair
•the development (design, implementation, installation)
•services provided by the systems (mailing, internal - external portals, security)

What we should make sure at signing of IT outsource contract?

•It is very important that the services should be defined very precisely. A poorly detailed definition might lead to confusion in the future in terms of service.
•It is very important that the Treaty, must define a set of metrics which the quality of outsourced service or area can be measured by. Definition of metrics direct impact on service fees, so it is therefore very important to define the expectations. If your expectations are low the fee is low, however, this may hinder the operation of the company. If the expectations are very high, the costs are rising.
•It is important that the service provider must take responsibility/guarantee for the outsourced area that can be covered by insurance. The point is that an insurance (paid by the service provider) cover the losses of the errors that occur indirectly.
•It is important to check the references of the service provider. Do not hesitate to contact those companies where the provider have long been active in the service. Can collect a lot of information of the company's flexibility, problem management and preparedness.
•It is important to accurately mapping the client's IT system, that prevent errors, outages so it can be determine more accurately the level of services required resources.
•It is important that the hosted IT assets going to be cover by guarantees.
•It is important to control the privacy and confidentiality issues.

And the most important to build mutual cooperation and confidence after creation of the Treaty!

OfficeIT Kft.

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