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IT Infrastructure development


System integration, IT infrastructure planning

We are trying to follow and evolve the increasing and more complex challenges of the business life with a variety of technologies and IT solutions. The consequences of this evolution can be that more serious IT challenges associated with today's business track issues. Claims raised during the work is no longer enough to cover with isolated or partial solutions. The organization and integration of devices and applications in a unified system is essential for lifelike and modern business management. Our professional activity is the planning and implementation of IT infrastructure, as well as system integration and advanced skilled services.


The areas in which there is IT infrastructure planning?infrastruktura

•System integration
•Server consolidation
•System management
•The introduction of a new system services, solutions, development and change
•Updating existing systems or migrating from other manufacturer solutions
•Network development

What are the benefits of IT Infrastructure Planning?

A well designed system can respond more quickly to emerging business challenges. Economically and efficiently operate the infrastructure. Higher availability is achieved, which does not necessarily require a hardware investment. A well planned and integrated IT systems to maximize your work and reduce the number of errors.

What are the typical challenges of project an infrastructure change?

•Need to find a balance between the expectations of business needs and the resources available.
•The changes, migrations are not or affect the least possible the company's productive time (downtime-free or at minimal planned downtime).
•The solution is to deliver by the deadline.
•The proposed changes actually redeem the expected goals and should be detectable.

What is our experience and how we can we help to our clients?

The challenges described above, measured by in dozens of successful IT infrastructure design and systems integration projects on the occasion, so we have gained great experience in a variety of fast and accurate delivery of solutions. Based on our experience we build a system for know-how which greatly assists with reconciliation and successful implementation of projects.

Our company offers the following IT infrastructure design and systems integration services are available to you:

•Network topology design and building
•Organize workstations and servers in to an Active Directory-based network
•Hardware and software security solutions planning (networking, encryption, surveillance systems, regulations, access management)
•High-availability systems
•Hardware-software license management
•Backup, recovery and archive strategy
•Management of server and client-side updates
•Upgrade, migration planning and execution
•Server consolidation
•The introduction of virtualization, thin client solutions
•Build Exchange-based mail systems
•Collaborative system design and implementation based on Microsoft Sharepoint
•Printer consolidation and cost management systems
•Building Mobile Communications Solutions and/or integration with existing infrastructure
•System management

Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultation, to ensure the best solution for you in our IT infrastructure design and system integration services.


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