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IT Consulting - Project management



Keeping up with the Information Technology evolution is vital part of keeping the business competitive on the market. It is essential not just to invest in latest technologies, but to constantly maintain and learn how to utilize these new services.


Implementing new business critical systems and services requires know-how and experience. Many small and medium-sized businesses can't afford to maintain an IT department that possess this experience.


In this case an IT consulting partner might be the best solution for the following reasons:

•Independent view of business processesProject-management
•Wide knowledge and experience of IT development
•Cost-effective solution
•Complete, comprehensive documentation
•Risk management
•Business process analyzis, best practices

Finding the perfect IT consultant company is not an easy task, taking into consideration of complexity, scale and budget management of the project.

We offer our experience and knowledge in this field with the following services:

•IT system analyzis
•Preparation, implementation of IT development proposals and alternatives
•Third party vendor evaluation / consultation
•Project control
•Quality assurance, management
•comparison of actual and potential performance (GAP analysis)

Besides Project Management, we offer the following solutions:

•IT Strategy development
•Hardware, Software audit
•Firewall and Security solutions, Web content filtering
•Security Policy Management and Administration
•Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan
•Complete data backup and archive solutions

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