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IP Camera installation

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Do you want to remotely monitor or record what is happening in your office or the premises of the company?
Is it important to you is an excellent image quality and flexible remote access from any device?
Contact us for our IP-based camera system.


The proliferation and presence of IP camera systems in the security technology is becoming more prominent role. This is because the advantages of IP technology over traditional analog systems, which are as follows:


IP Kamera2•Simple and fast installation.
•With network-based video systems there is no limitation where video can be viewed.
•No need to use video servers – Most of the IP-based camera has built-in web server, memory and has own operating system.
•Easy integration into your computer network, saving up the extra cabling costs.
•Can be installed in a location where it is inconceivable the wiring (you can connect cameras to an existing Wifi network)
•Excellent image quality and audio recording capabilities.
•Encryptable communication (protects against eavesdropping and unauthorized connection).
•Flexible expandability regarding the number of cameras.
•Longer video recording option based on many type of compression procedure.
•Advanced software features (for example, email notification at featured events).
•Save camera recording directly on the camera's SD card.

An IP-based camera systems only downside over analog systems of goods, but it is often pay for itself on the building costs. That is why we always recommend that the decision be preceded by a survey and offer.

Why choose us:

Because the deployment of IP-based systems (to an existing or also a newly developed IT network.) is a task that requiring expertise and network knowledge. Our company experienced a wide range of manufacturers over the years with different parameterization and configuration of third-party cameras, which guarantee the quality and trouble-free setup. The basic warranty in addition, we provide software support for systems installed by us.

For IP-based camera system designing and building contact us.

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