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Hosting solutions - E-mail / Web / VPS


Hosting email VPSYou can rely upon us to provide you with the best solution for the following Cloud Services:

•Email hosting, management
•Business critical data protection
•IT application cloud access


What is our added value?

There are plenty of solution providers in the market today, choosing the best provider can be a difficult task. Part of our profile is dealing with these solution providers to find the best option for our clients. Considering the requirements of your business, aligned with the available services on the market, we can help you to find the right company best suits your needs.

HosztingWhat is the benefit for your company?

The cloud service providers offer low cost solutions for Data protection, Emailing services, Website construction, Virtual Private Servers. The transition to the cloud can be a challenging task that requires experience to avoid any loss of data or business downtime. Usually providers offer a helping hand in this process, but without proper and thorough planning of the transition process, and fully knowing the existing IT system infrastructure, it can create headaches and dissatisfaction. We offer our help in this scenario to fully understand the requirements, consult with possible service providers about their offered services and help you choose the best solution available on the market.

Our services include:

•choosing the right partners for your business
•registering domains, acquiring SSL certificates
creating / deploying / maintaining websites
•providing e-mail service
•migrating existing applications to high availability cloud servers

For further information please contact us, we're here to help you.

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