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IT System relocation

IT kltztetsIn the case of Office removals the dismantling, moving, and the re-setup of servers, workstations and other IT equipment requires serious preparations, coordinated work and IT expertise. Delivery of the long-running servers can have significant risk.


If you want your new office or server room only to have to turn on all the machines and work the same way or better, please contact us.


We can help you to:

•The network and internet connection in the new offices available at the deadline
•The servers have adequate room for accommodating (cooling, cabling, security requirements, power supply).
•Devices (servers, workstations) are not subjected to any damage.
•The working day following the removal everyone gets back the same assets that previously used.
•Long-running servers can certainly start without problem with a disk or power supply.

For high-availability systems or medium-sized business will take care of the following:

•Backup and test recovery.
•System Documentation, labeling devices, creating a connection diagram.
•Migrating physical servers, replicate virtual servers.
•Spare tools (if needed).
•Servers status before and after delivery (dislodged disc, hanging cable).
•Immediate problems troubleshooting on-site by dedicated system engineer.
•Project management, supervision, quality assurance.

Some things you should definitely consider the IT systems, server room removals:

•Necessarily has to be a tested backup from the servers.
•Have spare parts (mostly disk and power supply).
•At least once to power off everything and switch back to even before the shipment starts.
•Before the disassembly have to make drawing of connection.
•Allow time for the server to reach the room temperature before switching on again.
•Make a checklist of the server services (if the server started it does not mean that all services run).
•Prepare a plan that in the event of a lost server how can we recover it or install services on other server(s).
•Check the transport vehicle (avoid using trucks to deliver the critical equipment).
•Allow sufficient time for the move.

Ask us about IT systems and server room removal related tasks.

After the request we assessing both site and will discuss about the requirements and deadlines.

OfficeIT Kft.

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