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Our philosophy

Adapting to your needs

For us, it is primary to recognize your needs and possibilities; not only at our first meeting, but throughout our cooperation. This enables us to react flexibly and creatively to your needs finding common ground concerning your expectations of operating the IT system. We continuously control our support and maintenance activity making sure you receive what you really need.


More than IT support

Most companies in the IT support field put the smooth operation and security of the system to the first place. And we are no difference. However, beyond this, most companies neglect the importance of the user friendliness of these systems and the effective work of the users. For us it is important to optimize and facilitate your colleagues’ work every day. Therefore, we emphasize the direct contact with them and assisting in troubleshooting. This is our philosophy to maximize the effectiveness of our services and the advantages thereof.


Constant availability

Today, the executive managers know that the loss further to a system crash cost more than the quick troubleshooting. Our client can be sure that their problems get checked within a short deadline and the help is not delayed for days or weeks. Our colleagues are at your disposal via phone and e-mail and in person on pre-determined days.


Commitment, effectiveness and flexibility

These things fundamentally determine the success of a company. We know it. That is why these three characteristics determine us too.


OfficeIT Kft.

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